Chris Leslie

Independent Registered Piano Tuner and Technician - ARPT

Serving Canberra, ACT

Mobile: 0429 516 111

ABN: 12 399 490 367

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* Tuning: Fine professional standard aural tunings. $200. Group bookings and annual tunings $160.
For homes, studios and concert venues.
A tuning service also includes minor repairs such as sticky keys or squeaky pedals.
Annual tuning is recommended for pianos that get regular use.

* Premium Service: Tuning, cleaning, hammer voicing and action regulation. $100 per hour.
Premium service is an extended service recommended for older pianos that have not been tuned or serviced for many years.
Premium service is also recommended once every few years to maximise the performance of newer pianos that are used intensively.

* Repairs: Rectification of faults and problems. $100 per hour.
This can involve fixing or replacing anything that is broken or missing. Repairs include:
* Repair cracked or chipped key tops
* Replace broken strings
* Tighten loose tuning pins
* Fix sluggish or sticky keys
Repairs may be undertaken on-site, or components taken to my workshop.


* Bio:
Born 1952
Piano tuning trainee, Paling Sydney 1970
L.Mus. (piano) 1974
Dip.Mus.Ed. NSW Con 1974
BSc.(Hons) ANU 1999
Piano Tuning, Randy Potter 2010

Australasian Piano Tuners and Technicians Association
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